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    Arthritis In Childhood - Speaking From Experience

    Arthritis In Childhood - Speaking From Experience DVD cover image

    Arthritis and related musculo-skeletal conditions are the most common chronic and long term medical illnesses. There is no known cause and no cure. Arthritis is not a condition of old age. Of the more than 4,577,000 Australians who have a muscular-skeletal condition, as many as one in 1000 are affected, with some studies showing figures to be as high as 1 in 250. The social and emotional impact on the individual and on their families is considerable. Research has found that parents of children with arthritis devote as much as 22 extra hours per week caring for their child. In this ‘Speaking from Experience’ DVD, parents and young people themselves offer candid accounts of their experiences surrounding diagnosis, treatment, schooling, maintaining a normal existence and their thoughts on the future.

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