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Disability can impact anybody at any time. It may be due to complications during the birth of a baby, diagnosed during childhood, acquired after an accident, caused by the natural and inevitable effects of ageing, or the result of illness or medical misadventure.

Navigating the complex system of disability information and services, while managing a stressful turn of events, can be a daunting task.

If you are new to the world of disability, this section provides a starting point. It provides key processes and points of contact (not all the hundreds that exist) for support, information and resources.

We hope it will help you begin the journey to adapting to your new circumstances.

New To Disability
If you are new to the world of disability, this section provides a starting point.

A guide to Community Engagement with People with Disabilities
The Ministry of Health have announced that the Guide to Community Engagement with People with Disabilities has been published on their website.
This guide was developed in collaboration with Disabled People's Organisations and provides practical tips to anyone wishing to engage with people with disabilities.
The purpose of the guide is to break down some of the barriers disabled people face, so that we can all benefit from their full participation in New Zealand society.

Education is probably one of the most fraught and debated issues in the disability sector.

Finding a job can be challenging for anyone, but cracking the job market can be particularly challenging for disabled people.

Funding Assistance
Is it difficult for you to do everyday tasks because of your disability?

In this section, topics that affect the personal lives of people with disabilities.

Make sure you’re well aware of your rights as a health consumer under the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights.

"Support" can mean different things to different people. Support may mean having someone help you out with getting things done that you might otherwise find difficult.

Travel / Transport
Travelling can be hard work, but when planned well, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Public, private and rental transport services for people with disabilities.

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